Phase Dock

The "So You Think You Can Build" Challenge

Win fame, fortune and a custom-engraved WorkBench!

Amaze Dale Dougherty
(and everyone else)
with your electronics project!

The So You Think You Can Build Challenge

Opens September 9th, 2019
Closes November 1st, 2019
Submittals NOW CLOSED!


Here's the scoop!

Entrants create an electronics or single board computer project that includes the use of a Phase Dock WorkBench Project Development Kit (PDK). The Project should be the original work of the entrant, but portions may be based on the work of others as long as credit is given. Multiple entries are permitted.

There will be six winners for the WorkBench Project Contest.


Community Choice Top Prize

$150 Amazon Gift Card and a WorkBench 1007 custom-engraved with the winner’s name.


Community Choice runners up

Three Community Choice runners-up will receive a $60 Amazon Gift Card.


Dale Dougherty’s Choice Prize

$150 Amazon Gift Card and a WorkBench 1007 custom-engraved with the winner’s name.


Phase Dock Favorite Prize

$150 Amazon Gift Card and a WorkBench 1007 custom-engraved with the winner’s name.

The number of entries will determine the odds of winning. All prizes will be awarded. The winners will be selected on or around November 4, 2019, and Phase Dock will announce the winners on or around November 8, 2019. 

The Contest is open to persons who, at the time of entry, are owners of a Phase Dock WorkBench Project Development Kit (PDK) of any size or format, and who are at least thirteen (13) years old.

Winner Selection

Projects may be awarded prizes in more than one category.

Community Choice

Entrants should encourage the community to “vote” or “like” their projects. One vote per person per day is allowed. The highest vote-getter will be awarded the top prize, with the next three highest earning runners-up prizes. Between September 9 and October 18, members of the public may vote for their favorite entry. Entrants may vote for their own project. Only one vote per day, per person.

Phase Dock Favorite

Chris and Barbara Lehenbauer, the Phase Dock founders, will select a project for this prize. Clarity, ingenuity, creativity, quality of presentation, and execution of the WorkBench Electronic Project will be important. Friends, family and collaborators of Phase Dock are not eligible for this prize.

Dale Dougherty’s Choice

Dale Dougherty, the founder of the Maker Movement, and head of Make Community is our 2019 Celebrity Judge. Dale will use his experience and knowledge of a wide array of electronic projects to select the winning project.

Join the Community of Makers


The Maker Movement is a global phenomenon impacting the future of work, product development,
education and learning, and more. Maker Faire and Make: magazine have been leaders in telling the maker story since 2005. It’s our mission to celebrate and nurture maker culture and the creative spirit.

Phase Dock is proud to be a charter member of the newly established Make Community.
We invite you to join us. Learn more and become a member at

Submit your project and get a chance to win Amazon Gift Cards !

FAME and FORTUNE must be earned.
But, no matter what, you have INFLUENCE.


There’s enough prize money to buy some electronic toys, but not enough to call in the lawyers.


Strut your stuff for Mr. Make himself – Dale Dougherty – and to your friends and the folks at the MakerSpace.


We want to help you build, protect and transport electronics more easily. Your ideas will influence how we evolve and extend the WorkBench ecosystem. It’s that simple.


Well, OK…maybe custom-engraved on the handle of a WorkBench Base. This is a WorkBench Kit you’ll be proud to own.

Meet the Judges

Dale Dougherty


As founder of Make Magazine and Maker Faire, Dale helped launch the Maker Movement. Make Magazine is a re-invention of Popular Mechanics for the 21st Century. Maker Faires bring together makers to share their work with each other and with the public. In 2018, there were 240 Maker Faires worldwide.

Chris Lehenbauer

Founder, Phase Dock

I've been a machinist, a computer scientist and a manufacturing engineer. I’ve helped build UAVs, flying cars, medical products. I maintained the fastest aircraft ever built—the SR-71 Blackbird. Wood, metal plastic – bring it on. I live for this!

Barbara Lehenbauer

Co-Founder, Phase Dock

As a marketing professional, I’ve exercised a degree of creativity my entire career, but my most fervent Maker-love comes out in handwork. I sew, practice German folk painting on furniture, and my current passion is making architectural stained glass.

A personal note from Chris & Barbara

Thank You to our Friends and Supporters!

As you probably know, Phase Dock is a two-person company.  Barbara and I design, manufacture, account, market, package, ship, and provide customer service. That’s a lot for two people. Frankly, your belief in us and your enthusiasm for the WorkBench is what keeps us going. Your projects are important, because everything we learn from you goes into making this a better solution for you.  So please enter your project today!

Wishing you the best of luck!